FBE Business Profile:  Freelance Without Fear

Havilland Maxwell

Business Profile:  Freelance Without Fear

Havilland Maxwell is a creative business coach on a mission to help freelancers and small business owners get out of their own way to start or grow the business they’ll love. She has a unique background in broadcast news, television production and voice acting. When she’s not coaching, Havilland lends her voice to companies around the country. Her client list includes Apple, MasterCard, TJMaxx, Capital One, Nicorette, United Way and more.

She’s also the creator of the Freelance Without Fear program where freelancers learn how to get and keep clients, survive separation from cubicle life, network with better success, and earn more money using their gifts and talents.

Havilland resides in Columbus, Ohio. You can catch up with her at www.freelancewithoutfear.com.

Published in OhioFBE – Oct. 15, 2017


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