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Personal Fitness Navigators is a staple of health and wellness in Bexley, Ohio. We’ve been transforming lives for over a decade…a decade of dedication and commitment driven by purpose, people and passion.

The Purpose. While a fit body is the goal for many, PFN believes fitness is a lifestyle. This simply means health and fitness should be at the core of everything you do, from daily activities to nutrition.

Real fitness is all encompassing of the mind, body and soul. PFN clients are integrated with this philosophy from their first consultation throughout all subsequent services.

The People. The PFN trainers are highly qualified fitness and nutrition certified professionals that collectively bring over 50 years of experience. Each trainer offers a wide range of boutique fitness services that provides a comprehensive, full-body work out experience. However, it does not begin or end at the gym. It begins with individuals who want to maximize their lives and create wealth through healthy bodies and minds.

We also meet those individuals where they are—athlete, student, mother of four, CEO—and we walk with them through life, celebrating their highs and standing by their side through their lows. We customize workouts and nutrition plans that empower our clients to live their best lives.

The Passion. We understand the life investment our client’s make when they come to us, so we invest in ourselves in order to bring our clients the most cutting edge fitness technologies and workouts. It’s our passion for healthy lives and healthy communities that get us up before dawn and keeps us going until sundown—even on holidays, we are here.

This passion has helped us grow by connecting with local businesses and bringing fitness out of the gym and to the people. Fitness is a lifestyle and we at Personal Fitness Navigators don’t just talk about it, we live it.

Contact info:
2803 Delmar Drive – Columbus, OH  43209

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