Business Profile: Parents in Motion

Charisma Curry

Parents in Motion is a ride-sharing program in the Cleveland area for busy families.  Founded by Charisma Curry a busy mom of four eager to solve her struggles to balance her family’s life.  Longing to share her solution she began competing in local hackathons in hopes of finding resources to bring her vision to life.

As a result, she brought on two technical co-founders who shared a similar connection to the struggle and wanted to help move the idea forward. Chanel Williams. (head engineer) CTO became a co-founder along with April Woulard (CMO) and they would help develop the web-application where families could retrieve rides for their children.

To date Parents in Motion held an open house to educate families, won third place at GBH pitch completion and is allowing families to test the technology out for free prior to launch this summer.

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Published in OhioMBE – May 15, 2018

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