Business Profile: Nay’s Creative Ways

Renee Dismore

Renne Dismore –  Owner of Nay’s Creative Ways

Nay was born and raised in New Albany, Indiana and went to college in Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.  After serving several churches and ministries in Sandusky, Ohio, Indianapolis, Indiana and the Louisville, Kentucky area, she began working as a paralegal in estate work in New Albany and Louisville, KY.

Nay met her husband of 31 years, Terry, in 1984. He was in radio. They have worked at listener-supported stations and Nay started hosting meetings and parties for him at those stations and this whetted her appetite for learning all about Hospitality.

She believes hospitality is something that can be taught, and it is one of the best ways to get to know people…whether co-workers, friends, neighbors or even people you don’t know! Tea parties are relaxing, intimate and fun and can lead to life-long friendships and great relationships.  Pretzels With a Twist came out of her love of Hospitality. “We’ve put a New Twist on a Classic Snack”.

Currently, Nay and Terry attend Faithful Family Life Church in New Albany, Ohio. Starting a new business, doing comedy and speaking keep her busy as well as hosting tea parties.

This appeared in OhioFBE – Jan. 1, 2017

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